Mitre Saw Reviews – Learn About The UK’s Top Chop Saws

Mitre saws are arguably the ultimate power tool choice. They massively reduce the work and effort required in construction projects compared to trying to do everything manually. Can you imagine a joiner trying to build a house frame with a hand saw? Probably not!

Power tools are one of the big reasons why we’ve seen such huge progress globally in development, and while even the most developed countries still have significant problems with homelessness, there’s never been a time other than in post war efforts that the number of new homes being built has been greater. It’s no exaggeration to claim that that’s at least partially attributable to the popularity of power tools.

So, what do you need to know about to choose the best mitre saws to buy for your power tool collection?


First, know how much you’ve got to spend. You get what you pay for, so don’t just opt for the cheapest chop saw you can find. Bigger machines will provide a more effortless cut, better models will offer more longevity so you’re not needing to replace them more quickly than necessary. Also, look at how often you’re likely to need to replace the blades, as they will degrade over time, and particularly quickly with tougher materials to cut, such as metals with multi purpose cutting blades:

Replacement Blades

That nicely brings us to the process of replacing circular saw blades. The more the you spend, the easier it will be. It’s also common that the cheaper models have more expensive blades, which is how the manufacturers make up their profits that they lose by subsidising your up front purchase of the saw. It’s not always the case, but do your research in advance – you’ll be glad you did later.

Additionally, avoid the temptation of 3rd party blades – always use official parts. You really don’t want a poorly designed saw spinning at hundreds of revolutions per minute inches from your body!

Research Several Makes And Models In Detail

Don’t go to the shops and make a snap decision – use the internet wisely. There are dedicated sites like providing detailed features analysis to help you make an educated decision. Take for example the Dewalt DW777 review, which is one of their top recommendations, giving you insight into cutting capacity and other specifications, but more importantly what real customers consider to be the positives and negatives of the machine. That’s not an insight you’re going to get at B&Q or Screwfix.

Buy Based On The Results You Need

Learn in advance of making a buying decision what features you’re looking for. For example, does the finish warrant a more expensive double bevelled saw rather than a more affordable single bevel option? What voltage will you be needing if you’re going to be working on a building site? All of these considerations are important, so make sure you’re clear on your requirements well ahead of buying.